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Apostoloski Dental Center is a new dental office in Belgrade. Renowned specialist with a large practical background will cure you in order to get a smile back on to your face. The latest medical technology combined with modern design will ensure the best possible treatment in the most relaxing atmosphere.

We know how to create award-winning smiles with state of the art cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Apostoloski and his staff provide evaluations to discuss wishes, concerns and the treatment expectations that patients have. They will also address anxiety in relation to the dental treatment with proven, safe solutions. This ensures that each patient has a plan for treatment that is right for their specific needs.

How do we turn artistic inspiration into reality?

We use Leonardo da Vinci’s principle of Divine Proportion with cosmetic smile makeovers. Beautiful and enduring smiles was proportioned to harmonize with a person’s unique facial features to emphasize personal beauty.  Your smile will look totally natural.

Stained teeth can age our smiles, but a too-white smile can look out-of-place in the prime of life. Our teeth tend to get shorter with wear as we get older. Tooth lengthening is an effective solution for short or worn out teeth. Dr. Apostoloski will guide you through the golden proportions principle to achieve optimum cosmetics in dental restorations, veneers, and crowns, as well as improving facial proportions.

A Full Range of Dental Services

We know how to create award-winning smiles with state of the art cosmetic dentistry.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is Dr. Apostoloski expertise and passion, he loves to perform dental reconstruction for his Belgrade, Serbia, and people flying in from other parts of the EU or around the world. Full mouth reconstruction or “Rehabilitation”, or Dental reconstruction is using different modalities in the field of dentistry…
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Dental Reconstruction

Dental reconstruction is utilizing the artistic ability and the dental knowledge of the reconstructive dentist, to make the patient look younger, boost confidence, have a balanced bite with ideal function and simply enjoy your dream smile with newly designed teeth shape, color, bite and function of the masticatory system in an ideal way…
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry, or “Aesthetic Dentistry” or “Esthetic Dentistry ” is the means to make you feel, great, complete, full of confident, and turn back time. Cosmetic Dentistry performed by an expert allows one to alter the self-image in a matter of hours, and to feel a sense of completeness. Through recent advances in technology…
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Why choose Apostoloski Dental Center?

We have the knowledge, experience, and skill to give you the most amazing smile ever!

Quality materials

Dentistry, like all of the health care, has been affected in every way by the advancements of science and technology. We have materials and techniques that were not even dreamed of a generation ago. These changes have given us a wide range of treatment options to consider. The best option is relative to each individual patient and to what that patient values.

100 percent of child care

One of the longest-lasting benefits of a healthy smile during childhood is to establish a positive self-image. A healthy and attractive smile can really boost a child’s confidence, and we all remember what it was like making friends at that age. Our doctors strongly believe that kids and teens deserve healthy smiles that they’re proud to show off. We understand that many children feel scared or uneasy about dental visits, and we always treat our younger patients with extra sensitivity and care. Our friendly and gentle manner will help your child feel at ease at Apostoloski Dental Center, and having a positive dental experience during childhood can encourage a lifetime of good oral habits. We strive to make your child’s dental visits comfortable, comprehensive and most of all, fun!

High-quality equipment

One way the Apostoloski Dental Center team ensures our ability to offer the highest quality dental care is by utilizing advanced technologies that improve patient comfort, the effectiveness of treatment and safe time overall. Dr. Apostoloski has invested hours in training each year to ensure he is at the forefront of dental innovation, and can effectively incorporate the latest dentistry techniques and technologies into our practice. Contact us to find out more about our dental technologies or schedule an appointment in our state-of-the-art Apostoloski Dental Center – dentistry practice today.

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Dr. Apostoloski and his staff provide evaluations to discuss wishes, concerns and the treatment expectations that patients have.

Spec. Dr stom.
Aleksandar Apostoloski

Providing the most advanced dental care in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere are the priorities. He is diligent in his pursuit to stay current in providing the profession’s leading dental care procedures while utilizing state-of-the-art technology…

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