Full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is Dr. Apostoloski expertise and passion, he loves to perform dental reconstruction for his Belgrade, Serbia, and people flying in from other parts of the EU or around the world. Full mouth reconstruction or “Rehabilitation”, or Dental reconstruction is using different modalities in the field of dentistry to achieve the following: to create a balanced and comfortable relationship between your jaws, chewing muscles, gums, bones and teeth, and restore the cosmetic teeth form (the aesthetic look) and function of the oral cavity (your mouth).

Teeth reconstruction procedures such as Dental Bonding, Porcelain Veneers, Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, inlays, overlays are all partial procedures used in a Full Mouth Restoration and Reconstruction. The result is a perfect mouth and smile, well-balanced, healthy and discomfort free, with properly functioning masticatory muscles. In Dr. Apostoloski opinion, the more conservative the reconstruction dentist designs the necessary procedures, the bite and function the longer the dentistry will last the patient.

The reconstructive dentist will design the width and height of teeth so the new porcelain restoration does not overload the supporting roots, and the length and width proportions are pleasing to the face, the lip, the color of the eyes and skin. The patient bite and occlusion will be adjusted and designed so there will be no separation and space, gaps between teeth happening, after treatment is completed.

After a comprehensive evaluation, the etiology factors are determined and the condition is diagnosed. In his diagnosis, Dr. Apostoloski first determines if your teeth, gums, bone, and bite are contributing significantly to your symptoms. Next, he discusses what you want to accomplish. After reviewing the ideal treatment, Dr. Apostoloski will provide alternate choices if any, and discuss the pros and cons, risks and benefits of each procedure so that the patient can make an informed decision.

The timeline and the number of visits will be discussed in detail, and of course, full mouth reconstruction cost will be estimated based on the existing conditions of your mouth. Full Mouth Restoration is not cheap and is considered an elective procedure.

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