Dental Tourism

Here are some useful links for our clients from abroad. Come and grab yourself a healthy and bright smile. Enjoy in the city with the best nightlife in Europe.

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is a branch of health tourism. Many people around the world come to Serbia to repair their dental problems. It is a blend of a nice and useful-free holiday in the service of oral health! Our clinic has patients from all over the world for years. In the beginning, it was our people who live or work abroad and now there are as many foreigners as they find us through the internet, our site, receive recommendations from friends, etc….We are proud that the enviable percentage of our patients comes from abroad and will be satisfied work that can be seen from the number of recommendations that are growing.

Apostoloski Dental Center

Great way to save and see the world

Our team of experts in the field of dentistry and tourism provided that your stay during dental treatment make it more efficient and convenient. In addition to dental services, Belgrade and Serbia offer a wide range of cultural, historical and tourist programs. We provide all services in the field of dentistry and we help to organize accommodation for all citizens who come from abroad. Diagnosis, treatment and other dental services are conducted in modern facilities.
In the dental office, under the leadership of professional dentists and our team of doctors of various specialties, leading to the choice of the optimal solution for patients. Most often, depending on individual capabilities, we are offering you opt for some of the options that are still in agreement with you, we opt for the best. In line with the advancement of technology in the dental office to apply the latest generation of materials, equipment, and tools to enable precise and pleasing work.