Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry, or “Aesthetic Dentistry” or “Esthetic Dentistry ” is the means to make you feel, great, complete, full of confident, and turn back time. Cosmetic Dentistry performed by an expert allows one to alter the self-image in a matter of hours, and to feel a sense of completeness. Through recent advances in technology, we are able to turn back time.

Aesthetic Dentistry is a science. It deals with concepts such as a tooth to tooth ratios, or teeth to lip ratios, and upper teeth to lower teeth ratios. Dr. Apostoloski incorporates Davinci’s principles of Golden Proportion in designing his patients’ smiles. He pays detailed attention to the surrounding structures such as the face shape, skin tone, lip form and gum visibility, as well as the personality of the individual to craft the ideal result. Perfecting this science takes time…lots of time.

The use of modern techniques allows us to produce a better diagnosis and treatment. The vast array of new dental bonding materials and innovative techniques has eliminated the discomfort of dentistry of the past. The ability to turn a broken-down mouth into a healthy one is one of the most prominent results of our practice.

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