Leonardo da Vinci’s principle of Divine proportion

We use Leonardo da Vinci’s principle of Divine Proportion with cosmetic smile makeovers. Beautiful and enduring smiles are proportioned to harmonize with a person’s unique facial features to emphasize individual beauty.

Stained teeth can age our smiles, but a too-white smile can look out of place in the prime of life. Our teeth tend to get shorter with wear as we get older. Tooth lengthening is an effective solution for short or worn out teeth. Dr. Apostoloski will guide you through golden proportions principle to achieve optimum cosmetics in dental restorations, veneers, and crowns, as well as improving facial proportions.

Laugh-lines and wrinkles can sometimes be ‘erased’ by using dental techniques to fill out these facial areas. Your smile will look totally natural.

A complete dental evaluation is necessary to measure the length to width ratio of each tooth, then their relationship to each other and then all your teeth as a whole in relation to your lips, and face to design your dream smile makeover. The position of the lips surrounding the teeth will determine the length and the black spaces between your cheeks and teeth can be filled up to give a more fuller smile, ( a zygomatic smile ) and hence a younger smile. Of course there is a fine line as to how much lengthening of teeth is possible depending on the ratios of your roots to crowns, that is why an expert knowledgeable cosmetic dentist is required to treatment plan and design your smile make over with the thought of health and longevity of how long your teeth with last if length was added to your teeth. A Beauty Dentist can answer questions such as: Can the roots of your teeth support the increase in length ? All these answers will be addressed after a complete dental consultation! With golden proportions according to the ratios Da Vinchi observed, cosmetic dental procedures can manifest a more natural beauty which is pleasing to the eye. Permanent whitening with veneers or crowns (where applicable) is one of the simplest and most popular procedures for revitalizing a smile. Many studies show that most of us perceive a brighter smile to be more youthful and attractive. Veneers can be applied to widen your teeth, lengthen them, or add thickness to broaden your smile. The skin tone, the shape of your face, the lips, the gum architecture, the shape and size of teeth, your age and finally the color to be chosen, are what this true master Dr. Apostoloski considers before designing his Reconstruction or Smile Make overtreatment. Cosmetic procedures are well worth the investment to restore the proportions your face was meant to have. Talk to us about inspired enhancements for your smile.

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